Amusement Parks On Fire Out Of The Angeles Cover

RELEASED 11TH september 2006

Produced, Arranged and Performed by Amusement Parks On Fire
Written by Michael Feerick & Amusement Parks On Fire
Recorded by Dan Knowles and John Sampson at 
Random Recording Studios, Nottingham, England,
Sundlaugin, Álafoss, Mosfellsbær, Iceland,
Bandwagon, Mansfield and Chapel, South Thoresby, England
Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk, New York, NY, USA
Additional Post-Mastering by Dallas Simpson
Strings Performed by The Highly Strung Quartet,
Arranged by John Sampson & Michael Feerick
Additional Vocals by Roni Sampson
Additional Percussion on No Lite No Sound by Ben McAlonan
Additional Lyrics for To The Shade by Gemma Upton
Photography by Joe Hardy at Álafoss, Mosfellsbær, Iceland
Untitled Sculptures by Hildur Margrétardóttir

In late 2005 Amusement Parks On Fire retreated to Sigur Rós’ private swimming-pool sanctuary Sundlaugin at Álafoss, Iceland to complete the venturesome sophomore release Out Of The Angeles, during which time they experimented with sleep, food and sunlight deprivation at the insistence of their management and label.

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